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Messages from the Johnstown Moose Lodge

From the Board of Officers

Another year is upon us and we would like to congratulate Dave Arnold on being elected as a three year trustee. Dave had served as Sergeant at Arms for several years prior to his newly elected position on the Board. Also want to thank a long time Board Member Burt Simonds for his years of dedicated service on the Board. In recent years Burt has served as Governor, Jr. Past Governor and last years’ Jr. Governor. Burt brought wisdom and stability to the Board, was always a go-to guy and continues to volunteer within the social quarters. Rest up Burt and hope to see you back on the Board some year.

The Annual District Memorial Service will be held on May 1st at noon here at our Lodge. We encourage you to attend and pay tribute to our brothers and sisters that have died in the past year. Please check the calendar for the scheduled breakfast and meeting times.

From the Governor

I was honored to be your governor last year and look forward to being your governor again this coming year. We made great strides last year and have much work to accomplish this year. Last year we purchased a new kitchen stove and we have new bar stools ordered for delivery in July. I look forward to working with the WOTM with more communication and meetings between the men and women.

We are still trying to offer different Friday meals and as always need your participation at our bi-monthly meetings. Volunteers are greatly appreciated.


Your Governor, Greg

From the Senior Regent

Happy Spring Everyone! I look forward to my term as Senior Regent. I'm excited to start planning many events for the months ahead. I encourage all Women Of The Moose to attend our monthly meetings to learn about what we do or where you can help out. Together, we can do anything!

I would like to say "Thank you" to Debbie Tubbs as our outgoing Senior Regent for a great year.

Denise Coco

Incoming Senior Regent

From the Recorder

As I write this message I am praying that more women have paid their dues for March/April so that we, The WOTM Chapter 685 can earn the Award of Achievement for 2016-2017, thus also allowing our hardworking Board and Chairmen to earn theirs. Our year ends April 30.2017.

It is always sad if the Chapter fails due to members not paying their dues and then these women who work so hard cannot gets theirs. Please pay your dues as soon as you get the notice, if no notice is received always remember your due date is right on your card.

As we start our new year on May first I want to thank Debbie Tubbs, her board, chairmen and volunteers for all of their hard work. They offered everyone many fun projects and activities and made the chapter lots of money.

Congratulations to our incoming board. I am sure they will continue to offer all members fun filled activities.

Mary Ellen Licciardi will be our representative at the Conference in Binghamton and will be bringing back any new information for the new year. Please plan on attending our meetings on the first and third Mondays every month at 645pm.

We welcome all volunteers as this helps us support all projects, activities and allows us new perspectives on what we need to succeed. We will have a Great Year in 2017-2018!! As always if you have any questions please call me Nora Pavlak 518-466-1747

Your Recorder,

Nora Pavlak

General Lodge Rules

Members need to carry both their membership cards and their key cards while they are in the Lodge. Please when asked to show your membership card do so proudly and in a courteous manner. The bartenders are only doing what is asked by the Board of Officers.

No member is to open the guest door. The "Buzzer" is a sign to the bartender that someone without a card is trying to gain access to our Lodge.

Members, when bringing in a guest - Please remember the following:

  1. Sign them in
  2. Guests are not allowed to purchase anything at our Lodge
  3. Guests must leave when the member leaves
  4. A guest must submit a completed application on the third visit

Participation in the Mug Club is for the card holder only. The Mug Club runs from January 1 thru December 31.


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