Messages from the Johnstown Moose

From the Board of Officers

Congratulations to our Governor Greg Rajkowski for being conferred into the Fellowship Degree of Honor at the NVS Moose Convention in Alexandria Bay this past September.

The 9:00 PM Ceremony will resume in the coming weeks on a more routine basis. For those new members who may not have been present during the ceremony, at 9:00 PM all activities stop in the social quarters. We ask all present to rise, face the picture of Mooseheart Child and recite a brief prayer. A basket is passed for your donations and all money collected is sent to Mooseheart.

Hope you enjoy the renovations to the ladies room. Hopefully we can get the building peaks painted before winter. We were successful in obtaining a grant from Moose International to replace our carpets. This will be forthcoming.

Veterans, men and women, are invited to a free dinner November 10 in your honor and starting in November you will receive $2.00 off every Wednesday Beef & Brew.

Queen of Hearts is returning with ticket sales starting soon and the first drawing will on Tuesday November 14th.

From the Governor

We have many upcoming events this fall. In December we start with Christmas Cash - always a good time to win money. Don’t forget to sign up the bids for the Children’s Christmas Party. We will also have our annual Christmas Buffet and New Year’s Eve Party. Please see our calendar and flyers for details. Have a Happy Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas and please drive safe especially during the holidays.


Your Governor, Greg

From the Senior Regent

I hope everybody is enjoying the Fall Season and the spectacular colors.

The upcoming holiday season and winter months are looking to be very busy here at the Lodge. We hope everyone will be able to take time out of your busy schedules to enjoy our Wednesday and Friday night dinners and also our upcoming events. We would also love for you to join us at our WOTM meetings which are held the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month at 6:45 pm.

They are only about 1/2 hour long and packed full of information regarding upcoming events and what we are all about. We are very short on volunteers to help us out with dinners so please see me or another Board Member if you can spare an hour or 2 each month.

Without you our Lodge would not function so we would greatly appreciate anytime you could give us.

Have a wonderful Holiday Season and please come see us!

Your Senior Regent,

Denise Coco

From the Recorder

Hello Happy Fall,

By the time you read this Old Man Winter will be blowing our way, Brrrr!!! The Holidays are coming and so are a lot events to keep you busy. Please try and attend as many as you can to support the Lodge and Chapter. As always we need everyone to pay their dues and volunteers are needed for Wednesday and Friday Night Dinners. Events can’t happen without you!!! I hope everyone has a great Holiday Season and God Bless everyone. Family is important, enjoy yours.

Your Recorder,

Nora Pavlak

General Lodge Rules

Members need to carry both their membership cards and their key cards while they are in the Lodge. Please when asked to show your membership card do so proudly and in a courteous manner. The bartenders are only doing what is asked by the Board of Officers.

No member is to open the guest door. The "Buzzer" is a sign to the bartender that someone without a card is trying to gain access to our Lodge.

Members, when bringing in a guest - Please remember the following:

  1. Sign them in
  2. Guests are not allowed to purchase anything at our Lodge
  3. Guests must leave when the member leaves
  4. A guest must submit a completed application on the third visit

Participation in the Mug Club is for the card holder only. The Mug Club runs from January 1 thru December 31.